My Yard is Exploding

Here’s a few photos from the yard. The long, adequately wet, spring we had has made the plants in this area go crazy. This is the first year the poppies have bloomed since we relocated them two summers ago when the porches were built. I love my dianthus! This is the hummingbird feeder that Mel… Continue reading My Yard is Exploding

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Is February Over Yet?

Nothing new going on here. I’m still sick and finally managed to scam some antibiotics off my doctor via phone last week. Except, now that I’m on day 3 of a 5 2/3 day prescription and not really feeling that much better, Mel is starting to insist that I see the doctor. At the very… Continue reading Is February Over Yet?

Happy Halloween!

Once again we ran out of candy and the annual argument is resurrected: You hand out too much candy!, says Mel. I have been giving 2 pieces per trick-or-treater; generally the size of a gobstopper and a sucker. Or, a single “fun-sized” chocolate bar. No, I moan… I simply haven’t bought enough! The $35 I… Continue reading Happy Halloween!