So, this was how it turned out…

The porches are finished!

I forgot to put up an “after” pic when I started posting again. (Before pic here.)

We filled 26 flower boxes, 7 across the front and 3 on each side, for both floors. This was taken in June, not too long after we planted the boxes. By the end of the summer things were looking kind of wild!


  1. Photoshop? It’s beautiful, but up close, it looks almost like a watercolor painting. 🙂

    I was wondering what the outcome was — fantastic job. Almost makes you forget about the contractors, etc., doesn’t it?

  2. Eh, it’s a cell phone pic, that’s why it looks like crap at full size. I’ll have to look for a pic from the regular digital camera.

    And yes, the contractors are a distant memory!

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