Seriously Considering Being a Vegetarian

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The moral dilemma and yuck factor of meat has really begun to hit home with me lately. I’m losing my enjoyment of meat, not because I dislike the taste but because I’ve become more aware… More aware of the significant negative impacts the meat production industry has on the environment. More aware of the horrific […]

Coming Up for Air

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Or, where the hell has that Lazydog been? Make yourself comfortable, this is going to be a long one. Grab a cup of coffee or something, ok? For the last seven months, according to the in-game age meter, I have logged over 800 hours playing GuildWars. GuildWars is known as an mmorpg – a massive […]

How Ironic

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Every third Thursday, the neurology practice I go to holds a support group meeting for their MS patients. They typically have a speaker—a specialist from within the practice or someone from the university—give a lecture on some aspect of MS. It’s usually interesting and I learn something. The only thing I don’t like is that […]

Figuring It Out – part 523

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Ok, let’s recap, shall we? Part 1 – I don’t like the doctor and might ditch him. Part 2 – I don’t like the drugs and am not going to take them. I’ve been on this diet for a month. I feel great. More clear-headed, quicker to come to the land of the living (without […]

Figuring It Out – part 2

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As I mentioned in my previous post, I had made the decision to take Copaxone injections. The Monday after my Friday appointment, the enrollment application was faxed to Shared Solutions – a company owned by the company that makes the drug, Teva pharmaceuticals. I guess it’s like their customer service division. Their purpose is to […]