Figuring It Out – part 1

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I haven’t been posting much here because I’ve pretty much been immersed in research since my March 1st diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. I haven’t wanted to turn this into my-MS-blog… Though I have been thinking about putting up a separate blog in order to catalog all the stuff I’ve read. On top of that, there […]

So, yeah…

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I have MS. The doctor I saw last month called about two weeks ago to let me know that the inconclusive MRI had been reviewed by a radiologist who determined the films showed a positive-for-MS result. I was told to go ahead with the additional tests that had already been scheduled so that the specialist […]

Is February Over Yet?

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Nothing new going on here. I’m still sick and finally managed to scam some antibiotics off my doctor via phone last week. Except, now that I’m on day 3 of a 5 2/3 day prescription and not really feeling that much better, Mel is starting to insist that I see the doctor. At the very […]

Sick and All Wigged Out

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Note to self: Let’s actually post to the blog instead of playing with the settings, shall we? Quit being the lazy dog and lose this “theraputic distraction” excuse. First off, I’m sick and I’m fucking sick of being sick. Since a week ago Friday, I’ve had some nasty head cold that was rebranded as a […]

More MRIs

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So, I went to a neurologist today. My physical therapist wanted me to go because I’m still having balance problems despite doing some decent core strengthening. It’s probably the balance problem that caused the knee problems which precipitated the visit to the orthopaedic doc, who in turn sent me to the spinal neurosurgeon after the […]