This is not Syracuse!

It was the Syracuse/Oswego area that got the 10 feet + of snow over the last 10 days – NOT Buffalo. When people hear about snow in “upstate New York” they think it’s Buffalo. To confuse matters even more, I heard Syracuse referred to as “western New York” which IS Buffalo, not Syracuse. So a… Continue reading This is not Syracuse!

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Colder than a witch’s…

We’re in a deep freeze up here. It hasn’t been above 10 degrees for more than a week. There were a few days when the temperature hovered between 0 and 5. Add winds of about 15mph and we’re talking wind chill of nearly -20 degrees. That’s fucking cold!The poor pups are stir crazy. They’re so… Continue reading Colder than a witch’s…

Record Breakers

Nearly 24″ of snow fell in less than 24 hours in the earliest lake effect snowstorm on record. For this area, it was the sixth highest amount of snow to fall in a 24 hour period. A state of emergency was declared. Airport, thruway both closed. Local travel bans. Everything else was closed too. At… Continue reading Record Breakers

It won’t stop snowing

Earliest October snow fall on record here. Lake effect snow expected from 8pm Thursday through 6am Friday… It’s definitely been dumping on us all night and there’s still thunder and lightning going off and on. Looks like about 10″ on the ground now . When I watched the 11 o’clock news the estimate was 100,000… Continue reading It won’t stop snowing

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This is just wrong!

This is just wrong! Originally uploaded by lazydogpub. Snow on the ground on October 12th.