Colder than a witch’s…

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We’re in a deep freeze up here. It hasn’t been above 10 degrees for more than a week. There were a few days when the temperature hovered between 0 and 5. Add winds of about 15mph and we’re talking wind chill of nearly -20 degrees. That’s fucking cold!The poor pups are stir crazy. They’re so […]

Dog Show

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Saturday we went to a dog show. This was the first time I’d ever been to one and it was alot of fun. I got loved by a doberman, a komondor and a bloodhound. You don’t realize there are so many different breeds – 150 according to the AKC – until you see nearly all […]

Yep, those are…

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definitely sex noises. I’ve just realized the bird really does imitate what he hears. I mean, I knew he did because he imitates lots of stuff – the microwave, the phone, computer game noises, robins, etc. I was just hoping some of what I was hearing really wasn’t what comes from the bedroom! And I’m […]