Happy 2007!

Sheesh, it’s the 9th already… Where has the time gone? I’ve been in this post-holidays fugue, just sort of drifting from day to day. I guess being off will do that to you as I was off work nearly the last three weeks of 2006. Then I got confused and went back to work on the 2nd only to find the school closed when I got there. I worked anyway, since I was there.

Like the boring smart old dykes we are, we spent New Year’s eve at home. A friend came for dinnner and spent the evening. It was a lovely time; we watched BBC America’s marathon of Absolutely Fabulous episodes, ate, drank and played a few rounds of a board game called 10 Days in Europe.

Our immediate plans to be good on the diet and excercise front lasted about 4 days. The last week has been a hard fall off a wobbly wagon with a boomerang-like return to sloth and gluttony. I probably have the rest of the 7 deadly sins covered as well. Except lust. Sloth and gluttony don’t do much for lust. 😉

A return visit to my spinal neurologist was exciting. “You seem to be doing well with PT and chiropractic. You don’t need to come back to us unless you decide you need the shots.” (Yeah, I’m gonna run back for epidural steroids. Not.) They did tell me to go see a regular neuro doctor though, because my PT is still concerned about my lack of balance. I’m not dizzy or anything but it doesn’t take much to tip me over. Really I think it’s just lack of core strength due to sloth and gluttony.

Tomorrow we’re back to the swimming pool and will attempt to go a bit more consistently. That ought to help.