8 Years

Yesterday, Mel and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary. We didn’t do much, just some shopping and dinner with a friend. All in all, a nice day.

We discussed making it another 8 years…

You know, we’ll be pushing 50 then, I said.

Yeah. We’ll be decrepit – walking around with canes and shit. Mel moaned an imitation.

Silly, silly.


  1. Congratulations!!!
    It is wonderful!
    I wish I had the words to express how truly wonderful this is. Gay and Lesbian couples typically don’t have the same support network that ‘married’ couples have. As supportive as my family is, I doubt they would step in to help my partner and I if we were thinking of separating in the same way as they did when my sister and her husband were having problems.

    None the less. Congratulations and cheers to many more blissful years!

  2. Happy Anniversary! This year will mark 16 years for me and the missus. I never could have predicted what the last 8 years held in store for us, but here we are still going strong. No canes yet…

    Cheers to many more years!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! The Princess and I will be 9 years this summer. Geez. Seems a lot shorter — it went by really fast.

    Do you have any plans for a special 10th anniversary celebration? We’re thinking about it, but haven’t really come up with anything yet. 🙂

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