Game Night

A fun evening.

I taught Blue Moon City to a group and R won. This is an awesome game and the artwork on the cards is fantastic. My favorite are The Flit bird people.

R brought Cartagena for a filler so we played that and I won.

Afterwards, I hosted Leonardo da Vinci. A and B had played before but it was a new game for D and E. Once again, I floundered throughout. I just can’t wrap my brain around this one and I’ve so wanted to like it but it’s just not fun for me. D loved it but the fact that she won probably had something to do with it. I may try it once or twice more but am thinking about selling it or trading it away at this point. Plus it always takes way longer than the rated 60 minutes. We clocked it at 2.5 hours tonight and didn’t have time for the third game that was planned.

That dude I wrote about last month was finally asked to leave the group about two weeks ago. Even though he hasn’t attended our events since he keeps posting on our message board. It seems he’s attempting to ingratiate himself again by engaging people on the message board who don’t realize he was asked to leave. Annoying.