1. I think it’s awfully hard to beat those Bird-Flippin’ Biker Chick Grandmas! Although the interstate sign reading "Some Asshole Talking On His Cell Phone Got Creamed" is _highly_ gratifying as well. Hee.

  2. I’ll put in another vote for the highway sign. Thank you for brightening my Monday.<br><br>And I giggled so much that a bunch of people around me had to come and see what had happened. So you’ve brightened up the day of a lot of people.

  3. Eli and i had a good laugh.<br><br>we both agree on the ol’ ladies giving us the bird. but the highway sign is a close second.<br><br>thanks for sharing, Greybird!

  4. The "dont touch the cables". I just came from a networks class, so it had me giggeling for a good while.<br>Thank you for making networks a little more funny!

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