Reality TV Redux

I originally posted this as a comment on someone else’s blog.

Watching reality TV is like watching an impending train wreck (or rubbernecking when you drive by an accident on the expressway). You can’t help but watch. You can predict the outcome, or if after the fact, you can reconstruct the events.

Why? I’d say shock value… people like to be amazed and horrified. They can’t help it. In low stakes situations (like the Bachelor where no one gets injured or killed) there’s the added thrill of watching something ‘illicit’ or trashy. You’d never admit to some people that you actually watch it. There’s the vicarious thrill of watching other people make complete fools of themselves.

Gives us all something to talk about, and maybe laugh at. All while secretly thinking “thank god it’s not me.”

Ready everyone? Hi, my name is ____ and I love [reality TV show].

I’ve watched one episode of Survivor, I’ve never watched Amazing Race, Fear Factor or any of the others. Except the first run of The Bachelor. I watched maybe four episodes. It was stupid.


  1. When my friend Blaz came to visit from Slovenia, he told me all about The Bachelor. "It was awful!" he laughed. And he theorized that the reason why people watched it was to see people who were more stupid than they were.

  2. Last season was the first time I watched an entire season of Survivor. It’s a break from all the reality of real life. Nothing that happens on that show means one speck in the scheme of things. That’s why we like to sit back and let the idiots roam!

  3. I am glad to say I’ve never watched a single episode of any "reality TV show" filmed after the first season or so of "The Real World" (of which I have seen maybe two episodes) although I caught five minutes of "The Bachelorette" ONLY because some idiot had it on in the laundry room last night. <br><br>And apart from the utter vacuousness of every single such program, of which neither the advertizing nor the buzz surrounding has managed to arouse in me the least shred of interest, I have one comment about the whole underlying concept of these shows:<br><br>Hello? Reality is what I have around me all the time. TV is for NOT-reality. The point, people, the POINT!

  4. I love Survivor and invite you all to my place to discuss the season premier of the show and read reviews. Feb. 13. BE THERE!

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