Random Thoughts from the Cold

Yep, like many of you, I’m freezing my ass off. It’s cold here. No, make that f*ckin’ cold. How about 3 degrees with wind chill making the temperature feel like minus 11? Like every day, for over a week now. Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to go up to 19 degrees. Woohoo! Break out the shorts!

The poor, 10lb. puppy has bravely gone outside to do her business each and every time for these last few weeks except once. Mel and I call that a stellar record as we watch her raise her paws alternately, standing on just three within seconds of being outside. She’s actually learned to squat on three legs. Don’t worry, we don’t keep her out there if she’s not quick about it. She just waits until her next outing even though we don’t really expect her to.

I’m trying to strong arm convince Mel into getting her doctor to put the date she can go back to work as far out as possible. And that she should tell her employer not to put her back on the schedule until mid-February or so, so that we can take a quick trip to Florida. Just four or five days to visit my mom, to take a break and warm up. Mel says for me to go without her, that she’ll stay home and look after the critters. To me, the logistics of getting critter sitters is worth it, even for a short little vacation. I don’t think Mel thinks it is, but she’s missing the point… I don’t want to go alone and she deserves a break too.

It’s so cold, the Army of God didn’t bother to stay in town to harass the gays. They visited here yesterday, on the 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, to show support for a man who killed a local abortion doctor. News reports tell that the cold prevailed and the demonstration was cut short. A few local GLBT organizations got together and prepared for the possibility of AOG visiting area gay bars and harassing patrons. Apparently, they often combine pro-life campaign trips with other hate-in activities. Fortunately, the ‘Rainbow Peacekeepers’ weren’t really needed last night because Mother Nature kept the AOG at bay this time.

I have been fighting the city snow plows. Every time I blow the snow out of the end of my driveway, they plow it back in. It’s getting tiresome and I’m sick of stinking like the snow blower’s gas/oil mixture.

We’re all stir crazy… and it sucks.


  1. 14 below over here in South Dakota . . . it’s supposed to feel like 31 below with the dewlap and wind chill. Everytime I go outside the cartilage inside my nose does that disconcerting flash freeze thingy! Stay warm! 🙂

  2. *smile* My friends and I keep on saying how lucky we are for not staying in that particular city … for the snow/cold and the small every day battles like the ones the GLBT orgs faced. I hope you get your vacation down south Greybird!

  3. I’m in Sydney, Australia & we’re in for about 109 degrees fahrenheit (43 degrees celsius) tomorrow. I’m just saying…

  4. Just the thought of my babygirl Godpuppy Thilde out there on her little matchstick legs trying to make pp makes me sad.<br>I think I should have winter custody of her.<br>Does she like kitties?

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