Mysterious Things

For a while now, I have been wondering who is the generous soul who gave me a one year subscription to Time magazine. It first arrived on Christmas Eve and has been delivered every Tuesday since. Properly addressed to me, the label indicates an expiration of December 2003. It’s okay with me, I like the magazine. I just wish I knew who sent it so I could thank the person.

The next mystery is about the magazine itself. It arrived today as usual. While I was getting dinner together, I glanced at the cover and noted the photo of the exploding space shuttle with the words “The Columbia is Lost – February 1, 2003.” The magazine was dated February 10, 2003. A short while later I realized this is not February 10th. It’s ummmm… February 4th. Yeah that’s it, today is only the 4th. Then I thought, ‘Wait a minute… how can something that happened three days ago be on the cover of a magazine already?’ I flipped through the magazine and saw there was a full complement of articles about the shuttle and the crash. Isn’t that an amazing feat, even for a weekly magazine? I wanna know how they can write it, publish it, get it printed and delivered to my door in only three days.

The last mystery is my dinner. Mel bought these for me to try. I’ve had them two days in a row now. I was very suprised that I actually like them. I am even pondering the possibilities for future preparation and serving options.