Moron Post #1

Let me state the obvious: Sometimes work drives you nuts. But usually, it’s not the work itself but the people you work with. The following is my biggest general annoyance. Specifics will come later.

There’s a group of upper level administrators here that don’t know anything about technology, nor do they care to learn. That’s okay, except they don’t understand anything you say. They follow their whims without a thought to the resources required or the work burden they are placing on others. Even worse, they assume that you are working on these complex projects for them after it’s been mentioned one time. They also think that it will have been magically completed by the time they think to inquire about it again.

“What? I thought that was done already?”

Ahem… just because you said it doesn’t mean I did it. Do you think you’re God? Do you have some special power that uses a simple wave of the wand to move mountains? Or are you the captain of the Enterprise whose every command is carried out without delay?

“Make it so, number one.”

I wouldn’t be suprised to actually hear that phrase, some of them are that deluded about the power they have.

At the same time, there is so much responsibility shunning here it’s crazy. I don’t know how those in charge accomplish anything. It’s almost like there’s some contest going on where the goal is to take credit for the end result of projects they believe they initiated without taking responsibility for any of the work along the way.

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  1. I believe I missed the course on ESP during all of my technical training. Apparently, it’s the one thing that’s held me back. :)<br><br>They are morons.<br><br>"I know I said something about wanting that done possibly sometime…" and yet, they’re surprised when it’s not done.

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