Future Blog Topics

Okay, here’s some stuff I’ve planned to write about. Some of it’s been on the back burner quite a while.

· The Austria part of my European vacation.
· The London part of my European vacation.
· Fall-foliage sightseeing roadtrip to Central New York.
· The Sims Online playtest. (Can’t reveal too much!)
· Technical issues I’m having at work that I could use help with. Maybe you know the answers or where to find them.
· Some morons at work I’m having trouble with. Collect suggestions on how to neutralize them.
· Finding motivation and inspiration to make permanent changes leading to weight loss and health improvement.
· Possibly adopting another bird.
· The cleanup I’ll be doing to the links sidebar.
· Winter projects around the house.
· Figuring out how to convert this blog to Moveable Type or pMachine, determine when and where it will occur.
· That crazy pup Thilde. Post a photo of her wearing her yellow ducky pajamas.

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