Happy Blogiversary To Me

Harrumph… Everybody wants ‘morons’ and yet no one commented. I suppose it was both too general and hauntingly familiar for some of you.

Today is my one-year anniversary blogging. I made it! I love blogging for a number of reasons. It lets me say what’s on my mind in the way I like and I often get consensus. I love that. It’s true that great minds think alike.

Blogging gives me practice with writing other than business writing. There’s not a whole lot of creativity or flair, I know. However, when I re-read what I’ve written I’m usually pleased, comforted even, that the words are good and the presentation is coherent. In other words, I must not suck. By now it must be clear that I’m one of those people that needs to be good at everything I do or I won’t do it.

I’ve ‘met’ a lot of great people blogging and have made some unlikely friends. It’s amazing how that happens so easily online but would never likely happen offline. Most of us would take one look at each other and let our stereotype programming take over, we would simply avoid any connection. You know it’s true.

I love when people find me by accident because of some goofy search they did. I’m still getting hits for ‘birthday spanking’ since I talked about it in May when Mel was supposed to get hers.

So yeah, I’m staying.


  1. Glad to hear it, GB. I feel much the same way about blogging: I may not be a blogland supahstah, but I like what I do and what it does for me. Keep on bloggin’!!

  2. congratulations. I enjoy reading your blog and I think you should write more about your dogs using words like doggy style. That should get you a few more hits.

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