A message from Helga

I am Helga von Schtup and mein english is nicht so gut.
I met der grau bird in Vienna. She told we she vas singel rich Americanisch and vould I like to make some voopie mit her in the wineyards.
Now is she left and I got nothink from telefon, no email, nuthink. Chust grape stains on mein lederhosen.
Sie ist a playafrau. She use me and throw me away like ein alte klennix tizzu.
Sie ist a bad, naughty voman.
Never do an austrian woman wrong. Ve haf vays of getting efen.

Please to ignore the karen zipdrive name, she is but a pawn in mein game of refenge.


  1. :]<br><br>So when are we gonna get a full vacation report, greybird? Oh, you’re probably working on it all weekend. Ok, you can go back to work.

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