My Irish Name

I think I’ll start using my Irish name, “Karen” for the duration of this trip. My girlfriend and I had a small spat while we were packing. I wanted to take the strap-on in my carry-on luggage but she was afraid the bag would get jostled and the vibrator inside the toy would turn on… Continue reading My Irish Name

A message from Helga

I am Helga von Schtup and mein english is nicht so gut. I met der grau bird in Vienna. She told we she vas singel rich Americanisch and vould I like to make some voopie mit her in the wineyards. Now is she left and I got nothink from telefon, no email, nuthink. Chust grape… Continue reading A message from Helga

Auf Wiedersehen!

Graue Vogelpublikum. Es ist ein au�erordentliches Vergn�gen, das mit Ihnen kein Reblogging spricht, das saugende streudel, slothful, no account layabouts, und ich hoffe nur den Vogel kann das Schiffswrack Chari retten und ich habe verursacht. Oh- und vergessen nicht, mich zu bei�en.

Saturday: The Grey Bird Returns!

After Chari and I have dragged the Bird’s Sitemeter count into negative numbers, you’ll be happy to know she limps back home tomorrow, still drunk but hopefully lucid enough to take back the reins. On her behalf, I’d like to thank the two rebloggers (besides Chari and myself) for your participation.

The Grey Bird E-mails!

It seems GB is busy in Germany, staying drunk off her family vineyard’s wine. So drunk is she, she said Chari and I were doing a fine job and to carry on until September 8 when they pour her onto the plane to carry her drunken butt home. I hope she left a little extra… Continue reading The Grey Bird E-mails!