1. I got low on all but histrionic and narcissistic, there I was moderate.<br>I AM SO UPSET THEY COULDN’T TELL I WAS REALLY GREAT!!<br>I MAY HAVE TO SCREAM! No, that would make my little face red, which would clash with my hazel eyes. 🙂

  2. geez, Karen, you’re such a pollyana! :)<br><br>when I tried to take the test, my screen froze. I got up to go to the bathroom, and when I came back, my admin told me some men with white coats had come by looking for me…

  3. Ok. I finally got the test to run correctly…<br><br>Oh, just GREAT! I’m a CLONE of Karen! I just *know* my sideburns are much better cut than hers. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??!!<br><br>Where’s my mirror?

  4. Bitch, my sideburns are fine now. I have a perfect little haircut, the kind where clerks call me ma’am and femmes call me handsome. Can’t beat that, jack.<br>Chari, we are a lot alike. We both think I am funny and we both dig the Princess. 🙂

  5. Bitch?! ;)<br><br>Yes, we are a lot alike… that’s why we were instantly joined at the virtual hip as trouble-makers in everyone’s blogs.<br><br>And don’t think I’ll let the sideburn thing go that easily… it’s too good a jab.

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