Mystery Solved

Mel just called me to tell me the postal supervisor was back this morning. He talked to the substitute carrier and they figured out what happened. Since I had so much mail yesterday and it didn’t fit in the mail slot, the carrier tried putting it in the milkbox on the side of the house. He realized though, when he found the mail in there from July 2000, that we don’t use the milkbox. It was probably some other sub that put the mail there in the first place. I thought the milkbox had some insulation materials stuffed in it that would have prevented its use… I’ll have to look later, and maybe put a ‘don’t use’ sign on it. Doh.

Despite the fact that I feel sort of stupid for having called for an issue that turned out to be pretty much my fault, I’m now quite impressed with my local USPS delivery supervisor. He delivers for me. 😉


  1. Great that they investigated and got back to you so quickly. Glad there wasn’t a check or something for you in that 2 year old stuff though.

  2. Despite the things you might hear (even on my blog!), we DO care about customer service and doing our job well. Most postal employees are conscientious professionals. After all, we are customers, too! I know that I have occasionally found a stray mail piece that has been left in a supposedly empty bag, tray or other container, and I always do my best to get it delivered as soon as possible.

  3. Wonderful! Can we borrow him? I had to call and open up an investigation almost a month ago regarding ongoing problems with our mail… I have a case number and no updates or info… however, I believe I have been getting all my mail since then. Not that I’m paranoid — but I truly thought the mail-person (female – femail?) had a vendetta against me. Sharon got her mail… I just wasn’t getting certain pieces of mine. Certain bills… grrr. Almost screwed up my credit rating!

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