This Makes Sense

I’m so close to the border I could spit on Canada if I wanted to. I’ve been a Canadian beer snob since before I was old enough to drink and have definitely consumed more Canadian beer in my life than domestic beer. Their regular, mass consumption beer – Molson and Labatts – is far superior to US counterpart brands like Budweiser and Miller.

I visit Canada regularly. My family owns a summer cottage there. Aboot the Canadian accent, we make fun of them and imitate it too, eh? Best of all is the purchasing power of the US dollar in Canada. We recently went to a pub across the border and spent $50 on four rounds of drinks for three people. Not unreasonable, right? When my bank processed the conversion it worked out to $33 US.

So, I don’t mind being 50%. Not at all.

I am 50% CANADIAN!!!

(Take the Canadian-ness test)

Stolen from Edge.


  1. Oh you lucky American dollar owner! I honestly don’t know why more Americans don’t vacation in Canada – your dollar goes SO much further up here and there are so GORGEOUS places to visit. Plus – we’re nice, eh? 😉

  2. I totally agree with Erin, you have no idea how much you could spend here in Canada!LOL And there really are some awesome places to visit and see. Plus you could always visit the breweries to see where that better tasting beer (I have tasted US beer-UGH) is made! 🙂

  3. Is there something odd about the phrase, "owns a summer cottage {in Canada}" … *smile* I lived in Buffalo for four years and going to Canada for dinner was a normal thing.

  4. Do you say "aboot" instead of "about"…?<br><br>Just curious. I always thought that was so cute. My sister lived in Toronto for five years some 15 years ago and she still says "aboot." ALthough in Minnesota, they do have a vaguely Canadian style of saying things…

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