We (Don’t) Deliver For You

Played hooky from work today. Mel’s best friend (and ex), Jay, is visiting. I’ve always liked Jay, but I like her more since she moved out of state. We went Easter shopping, primarily for pysanky eggs. Jay collects them.

When we got home there was a ton of mail waiting. Several magazines, catalogs, and a bunch of regular mail, some of it for my tenants downstairs. In the middle of the rubberbanded bundle was a dozen pieces of mail that were postmarked in July of 2000. An electric bill, gasoline card bill, a new credit card, bank statement, postcard from a friend who was visiting Paris, a few other things. There was also stuff for former tenants. This mail is nearly two years old and it showed up today? I want to know why. Of course, it’s probably a great mystery that will never be answered but I call my local post office anyway.

I get the delivery supervisor for my area on the phone and tell him about it. After the usual momentary disbelief – like, ‘no, we didn’t do that, did we?’ – the supervisor says “I’d like to see this mail. Can I come over and look at it?” “Sure,” I told him, “I’ll be home all day” thinking there was no way he was serious about coming over here. Ten minutes later, a nice looking, well-dressed, non-uniformed USPS employee was at my front door. He looks at the mail and asks if he can take it with him for his investigation. The supervisor plans to check with the substitute carrier to see if he knows where the old mail came from. I learned the regular carrier is on vacation. Hmmph. My guess is that the sub is cleaning up some old messes and the regular guy is gonna walk into some unpleasantness on his first day back from vacation. The supervisor said he’d let me know what he finds out. I won’t hold my breath… it could be two years.


  1. Mail here is dreadfully slow, but not two years at least. <br><br>Listen, my hosting company is letting me add subdomains for free. <br><br>No advertising, full CGI access, PHP4, e-mail for days. Wanna come over and be greybird.jillmatrix.com? <br><br>Blogs are easy to move, but if you don’t want to change addresses, that’s cool, too. 🙂

  2. I’m wowed to know the name of those lovely eggs. We have friends in the Czech Republic whose grandmother makes them. when we went to visit, we eatched her doing them and went away feeling oh, so inadequate. They’re a very special art form and I wish I had more of the ones Anna made.

  3. hey greybird…Ijust want to thank you for all the advice about being upfront about my credit with prospective landlords because *ta da!!* I got a new apartment, and I did just that!! wooo!!! I’m so excited!!!!!

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