It’s My Blog, I’ll Brag if I Want To

Happy Valentine’s Day! I am so spoiled… My sweetie gave me a box of chocolates late last night and there’s a surprise packed in my lunch today. I haven’t even looked in my lunch bag* yet. Yesterday she went out and got a couple of strip steaks and a lobster tail (for me). We’ll have a feast when I get home from work tonight. She’s off work today and is probably poring over the February issue of Martha Stewart Living right now, trying to figure out which delectable dessert to make for this evening. All of the chocolate desserts in the magazine look awesome but she is also dying to try out the little torch for creme brulee that she got for Yule.

We were originally going to go to a wine and cheese reception at the zoo this evening. It’s a fundraiser with a V.D. theme – a presentation on animal courtship and mating! Cute idea and we would have enjoyed it but we decided to spend the money on a fancy dinner instead. Last year I had V.D. off and we went to this place. It was awesome and I would have gone again this year. February is a good time too, it’s not very crowded.

Okay, so what did I get for her? Ummm, nothing yet. I have a few ideas… traditional, boring ideas. I’m not the most imaginative person in the world but I work well under pressure. I have to figure it out and make my acquisition by the end of the day. Stuffed animals are out, we have too many already anyway. Besides, apparently teddy bears are potential bombs. Can you believe it?

*lunch bag contents: non-fat yogurt (this was breakfast, ooops), sushi, diet soda, a kiwi, a Balance Bar (snack for later) and a chocolate bar. The sushi and the chocolate are the surprises.


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