I’ll Brag if I Want To, part II

The gift ended up being flowers and a book. The flowers were a dud, only because there were already pink roses here for me when I got home. Crap, she’d beaten me to it. At least the book was a hit.

Dinner was fabulous, the cheap wine I’d gotten was pretty good and dessert was fabulous. It all made me quite full and sleepy. After about an hour of zoning in front of the TV, Mel said, “Are you ready, honey?” I’m like, “ummm, yeah… for what?” thinking I was headed for up-close-and-personal romance, but also thinking I was still too full for that kind of fun. Then she says, “Battling the forces of evil… I thought we were going to play Diablo tonight?” Oh, okay. So the amazon and paladin showed love to monsters with pikes and clubs.