Anniversary Boxing Cleavage

(uhh… never mind)
On Boxing Day the girlfriend and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary. I never did finish the gift I’ve been making for her for the last 14 months. Well, I shouldn’t say I’ve been working on it for 14 months, I originally worked on it for about two months then put it away meaning to get back to it. Week before last I realized I hadn’t finished it and worked on it feverishly for a couple of days only to realize that I wouldn’t finish it in time this year either. I finally told her about it a few days before the anniversary. Not what the gift itself was, but that I’d been making one, and “I’m really sorry honey, I wanted to finish it but it’s just not going to happen.” I didn’t say that I’d been working on it since last year. She was intrigued that I would make her a gift and has absolutely no clue what it would be. Something to do with the computer, she guessed, and she didn’t mind that it wasn’t done. Her gift to me was a ‘spa day’ – full treatment and pampering by her. She is a truly talented masseuse and has knowledge of all manner of herbs and potions. I’m looking forward to this!

Otherwise, the day was fairly mundane. I took my dad to the airport, they hadn’t made it out the day before. (The airport was closed most of Christmas day, trying to clean up the snow that fell Christmas eve through the early part of Christmas day.) We hung out, ate and played hours of Diablo. It started to snow again.

Oh, and we promised each other that if we ever did break up we wouldn’t do it during the holidays. That would suck hard.

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