More Damned Snow

Thursday was another snowy day. It occurs to me now that I haven’t previously mentioned this: I live in Buffalo – the armpit snow capital of the US. Whenever we make national news it’s usually because of snow. We have now had something like 60″ since Monday night. The Weather Channel has been broadcasting live from Buffalo the last few days. Now they actually have to work over the holiday season. I’m sure they hate us.

At this point my girlfriend is stir crazy. There is only so much snow removal a person can do before it becomes tiresome. The first time isn’t bad, the second time isn’t bad. Anything beyond that is a pain in the backside, literally. You know you’re only going to be out there doing it again in a few hours. And there is also only so much cooking, eating, Diablo playing and TV watching you can do. We were better after, uhh…, some recreation, and decided we’d make the effort to get out of the house to see Lord of the Rings.

So we went out and dug out my dad’s car. I’m driving his car while they’re gone, mine is sitting in the garage having a much needed vacation. Dad’s car is just here so that my 17 year old brother – who didn’t go to Florida with the folks – can’t steal it. I’m serious. It’s a total pain to have an extra car here now, I can’t get the snowblower up and down the driveway without digging around the car first. Sorta defeats the purpose of the snowblower.

Anyway, we got the car out and drove to the movie theater. It was closed. Blockbuster was closed. Kmart and Target were closed. Every f*ckin’ place except gas stations and convenience stores was closed. Finally, during our little drive, we figured out that there was probably a driving ban in effect and we had been too busy to notice.