No Christmas Horror

Christmas day was really nice. We ate, drank the Martha Stewart eggnog, ate some more, drank some more, ate… you get the idea. Between all the drink mixing, eating and cooking we watched a DVD I’d gotten from my step-mom. I’ve seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show less than 100 times, I swear – I’m not that bad! The 25th anniversary DVD was cool though. There are different settings for how you want to watch the movie: US or UK version, English or Spanish, subtitled or not, audience participation prompter (tells you what to throw when), and theatrical experience (you get to hear the audience participate… “where’s your f*ckin neck?!?”). After dinner we went for a walk around the park to see the lights. For the last couple of years local businesses have sponsored a light display around the largest park in the city, two blocks from my house. They charge $10 per car to drive the 1.8 miles around the park. At least the money goes to charity. We walked, so it was free.