Lovely Newark Airport

Well, we’ve been here ALL day and are finally nearing the time to get on the plane. It was somewhat of a relaxing day, meandering around good ol’ terminal C, a bit of shopping, then a late lunch with quite a few beers. That, on top of being utterly exhausted from not being able to sleep at the very noisy HoJo’s house of horror, ought to put us out cold on the flight. Except, we were told we got the last three seats on this plane, literally. They are in row 37, the last row and thus, don’t recline. Fuck again.

Keep your fingers crossed for us that every else goes smoothly from here on out.


  1. I hope the flight attendants will take mercy on you and give you extra booze.
    When I flew to Tokyo, the stews got us so drunk we sobered up and got drunk again before we landed.

  2. That just show how long the damn flight to Tokyo is! I had to do it round-trip — twice. Blech.

    I don’t envy you the flight, Bird. Someday, they’ll come up with Star Trek-ish transporters… maybe. Or a faster airplane that’s affordable — too bad the Concorde bit the dust.

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