Will the dogs get a vacation too?

We were both off on Monday so we decided to go see Debbie’s Doghouse & Pet Palace, a fancy-schmancy dog kennel about 45 minutes away. I’d been wanting to check out the place for a while to see if it’s someplace we’d leave the little princesses when we go away. Ideally, we’d like to get someone to stay here and look after the dogs, but if that doesn’t work out we’ll have to use a kennel.

Anyway, this place was… well, wow. The brochure I had definitely didn’t do it justice. Nice, but a little over the top with pink painted woodwork, loads of stuffed animals, and doggie knick-knacks. The kennel was pretty full, mostly with little dogs.

Options include “junior suites,” “condos,” and “penthouses.” The junior suites are the closest thing they had to a regular kennel – but in a bright airy room with a nice linoleum floor, piped in music, heat and A/C. Each one of the “cubicles” is a decent size with a nice cot-style dog bed and had a doggy door that led to a covered, outdoor 4′ x 10′ run surrounded by chainlink fence.

The condos and penthouses are ridiculous. Each is a tiny finished room complete with doggie wallpaper border, a nice dog bed, and a TV. Yes, each room has an 11″ color TV mounted on the wall. Some rooms had windows, others had dog doors that led to an outdoor run.

There’s also a larger fenced area they take the dogs out to several times a day. They call it “hand walking” but the only actual walking involved is escorting the dog from its cubicle to a fenced yard where they can be off-leash for a short time.

Everything was very clean inside and out. All of the runs we saw had less than a half-day’s worth of dog mess, if any. The yard had no mess whatsoever, it was easy to tell because it was covered in fresh snow. Then again, maybe they hadn’t had the dogs out yet for the day.

On top of all of that, they give the inmates (heh! đŸ˜‰ fresh bedding daily, feed the food you supply per instruction, give medications if necessary and play the cable TV station you specify.

As we walked out the front door after our tour, Mel immediately said “I’d have no problem leaving the dogs there.” Usually, she is reluctant to consider our animals being left anywhere. We were impressed.

Care to guess how much it would cost for 2 little dogs to share a cubicle, per day?


  1. That’s high, Ms. Julien. About half that for both dogs. But multitply by the 10 days we’ll be gone and that’s a chunk of change.

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