Went to a funeral today…

The mother of one of my best friends died. Ellie was 77 and had been sick a while, so it was really a blessing. The family had a standard viewing at the funeral home, with the open casket on display. As is becoming custom these days, various remembrances were displayed around the body in the casket. Drawings from great-grandchildren, and a bunch of little doodads, mostly Irish in theme. The lady was proud of her heritage. But the thing that really gave me a chuckle was the player’s club card from the Seneca Niagara Casino that was sticking halfway out of the pocket of her bright green blazer. Apparently she loved the casino.

At the wake luncheon today after the services, folks shared funny stories about Ellie. I got a good laugh about one in particular that my friend Monty told. Once when Monty was a kid, her mother was driving she and her cousin someplace. The car broke down right in the middle of the road. While Ellie was both trying to get the car going and figure out what to do next, the guy in the car behind them kept leaning on his horn. Finally, Ellie got out of the car and walked up to the guy behind her and said “Mister, why don’t you let me lean on your horn for you while you go fix my car!”


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