Happy New Year

Mixed review on New Year’s eve… Dinner at a very fancy, expensive French restaurant with my dad and step-mom was nice. But, you know sometimes after you eat like that you just don’t feel too great. On top of that, I had cramps from hell. So, after a drink at the bar next door to see in the New Year, we headed home.

Just before getting off the expressway about three blocks from my house, I heard a popping noise. By the time I got off the ramp, we realized I had a flat tire. Shit. I called Hyundai roadside assistance and they told me 40 minutes.

Mel walked home to take care of the dogs and change her clothes and then drove back to wait with me. I’d have just left my car to deal with today, but it was a really bad traffic spot.

After 45 minutes I got a call back from Hyundai’s automated system: Press 1 if service has arrived, press 2 if it hasn’t. I punch 2. After 10 minutes on hold a rep checks on the status of my service call. I wait for a while and am finally told that service is “en route” and it should be another 20 minutes. That would put it at 2am.

Just after 2am we decide to hedge our bets and call AAA instead. They tell me “within the hour” and it ends up being just about 30 minutes before someone shows up. The tire gets changed and we finally get home just after 3. That whole ordeal took 2 and a half hours. Hyundai never did show up — they’ll be hearing from me on Monday.

Bleh. Nice start to 2005. Hope yours was better.


  1. Are you paying extra for their roadside assistance?
    Get after them, Bird!!
    Hope that’s the worst thing that hits you in 2005.Good you got it out of the way.
    Two strong women who can’t change a tire?

  2. Never really got an answer. Got a letter of apology, but that was about it.

    The tire turned out to be unrepairable, it had a slit in the tread from a utility knife blade! Either I ran over a utility knife, or someone stuck a blade in my tire which, when hitting a bump, caused it to slice all the way through. Gotta buy a new tire now — what a pita.

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