Still Glued to SFU

Last night we watched Sunday’s episode of Six Feet Under. They’ve really kept up the pace this season, thinking up new and different ways to torture these characters. The carjacking episode two weeks ago was wild.

Current impressions:

Nate and Brenda – insane, pathetic, they both make my skin crawl

Vanessa and Rico – insane, more domestic violence coming
I thought it was hilarious when Ruth immediately offered Rico a room but then slapped him.

Claire and Edie – too bad, that could’ve been fun
Who wouldn’t vote for a bright ‘n happy young lesbo love story amongst all the dark insanity?

David – sad, not coping, needs serious help

Keith – insane, with Celeste (the brown widow) — WTF??
Small surprise: figured effeminate David was the bottom and macho cop Keith was the top. In this episode it was clear from Keith’s words to his sleazy co-worker and David’s actions that the reverse is true.

George – misogynist, emotionally unavailable, self-important, self-centered, dickhead
Hey, I know quite a few academics like that, but SEVEN wives?

Ruth – needs a bigger “kick me” sign, it’s good she took off and left them all for a while
It’ll be interesting to see if she finally gets a life and a spine after this next little visit with Bettina.


  1. I was hoping Ruth and Bettina would get together. George is an ass but then that’s what Ruth is into it seems. Claire and Evie would have been a nice touch-too bad indeed.

  2. Dang! I don’t get HBO, so I haven’t seen any of this season . . . but I just finished renting/watching all of season 2 from Netflix. Can’t way to see more!

  3. Yeah.. Claire-Evie would have been cool… I was hoping she would "go there" but not for the typical hetero-guy reasons. I figured that she just *might* find someone that is really good for her… emotionally, sexually, and maybe even long-term. If that was with a girl, more power to ‘er. I’m equal-opportunity when it comes to love: if you can find love, take it. As for Keith-David, I never guessed Keith being bottom. Wow. Nate-Brenda? She’s too fucked up… she’ll never change. She wants to, but… well, who knows. She DID walk out of the dealer’s apartment without doing a threesome… maybe there is hope for her afterall.

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