1. Polls have consistently shown the American public is not as homophobic as the Bush clan thinks it is.
    I say, let them continue to harp on it and piss even more people off. There’s even hints that the GOP convention will have a bitter platform dispute over the issue.
    Good. Fight amongst yourselves, ya pricks.

  2. This really pisses me off. What pisses me off more is that people assume because I’m conservative that I’m a homophobe (is that how it’s spelled?). I can’t believe that people are so damned ignorant in this day and age. I was in the Philippines for two years, and over there, they "get it" when it comes to homosexuality. They don’t judge based on who a person decides to share their life with, or based on a lifestyle: they see it as something natural, and just let people be. For a culture that the West derides as primitive, they sure have a very open way of seeing things. Sure, there are bigots everywhere, but in the Philippines, it just seems to be the exception, not the norm, whereas here in the U.S., bigotry seems to be the norm when it comes to homosexuality. I just don’t get it.

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