The Drag Show

This conservative, Catholic tradition school I work at finally seems to have a strong GLBT student organization. My understanding is that it was a long road for them. The administration was reluctant to let them organize five years ago, trying to get the kids to agree to be a sub-group of the campus ministry. Eventually, they were allowed to organize and have been known by the mysterious name “Alliance” since. Alliance of what, most people have no idea.

Things are slowly changing though. Alliance, in partnership with the gay student organization of the local state university and a well-known local nightclub that regularly features drag shows, is holding its first drag show tonight. On campus. I probably don’t need to tell you that this is a BIG DEAL.

My freshman work-study student, a member of Alliance, was telling me they’ve had a hard time advertising the show. They weren’t allowed to hang signs that said “Drag Show” prior to last weekend. Why? Because there was going to be a large recruiting event on campus and the administration wanted to give visitors a good impression. Insert big groans here.

I laughed my ass off when my student told me it was suggested they use the phrase “Gender Illusionists” instead to advertise the event.

At the same time, they were supposedly told that if it goes well they would be able to repeat the event twice a year. I hope it goes well for them.


  1. Thanks, Roni.

    I don’t really have anything to do with the organization. I just have a work study student who is a member, but not gay. She might know I’m gay but I’m not sure. I use correct pronouns and wear a rainbow bracelet but some people are not as astute as that.

  2. Gender illusionists??
    Gotta praise their way with words.
    Here’s hoping the illusionists get tons of dollar bills stuffed in their illusionary costume bodices.
    Wish I could be there.

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