Bite-sized Updates

I am still here. I just haven’t had much to say. I don’t think it’s just me, lots of people I read seem to have slowed down this fall. Perhaps everyone is preparing to hibernate?

I have been posting blogs for Karen while she is waiting to get her computer fixed. So it feels like I’ve been blogging, even though I haven’t. I guess you could say I am blogging vicariously through her. Or would that be the other way around?

We made pomegranate jelly again. Family and friends are each getting a gift basket for a Yule gift. Each nicely decorated basket will contain jars of homemade jams and jellies (strawberry, blueberry and pomegranate) along with homemade shortbread, fudge and assorted cookies. While not cheap or unique, we have had (and will have) fun making all the stuff and it eliminates the pressure and wasted time of shopping-in-crowded-stores-for-the-perfect-gift. Oh… so sorry that you’re on a diet.

I am still addicted to There. It’s fun, so join me.

I am also eagerly awaiting the release of the next Sims expansion pack titled Makin’ Magic. I am so looking forward to turning some of my peskier sims into toads.

Another contributing factor to my non-blogginess is work. I am too busy to blog during the day. Somebody call my boss and complain.

My bird club is in political upheaval. Yes, that’s right. How can a bird club be political, you ask? When club officers have a personal agenda and put themselves first instead of minding the welfare of the entire membership. And then getting caught doing it. I am staying away for a while because I cannot take a side. Mel declared “they all want a piece of you because of your smarts and diplomacy,” observing that everyone wants me on their side.

I went to a Halloween party last weekend that was given by a nurse who works with Mel. The nurse’s brother, a cop, was at the party dressed in full-on naked-fat-lady drag. The drag was nothing unusual, the cop also happens to be the police liaison to local gay and lesbian groups. Ergo, he is gay. Several hours into the party it was discovered the cop’s credit card was missing from the little purse he was carrying. He immediately called the issuing bank to cancel the card, discovering it already been used in two locations! The thieves had gotten gas and gone shopping at Walmart. It was figured out pretty quickly who had taken it. Of course, the cop was pissed off. And you know, it’s bad enough to piss off a cop… but to piss off a drag queen who happens to be a cop?!? The thieves are in for some serious trouble.

Halloween is coming. Woohoo!


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