This is Not an Abandoned Blog

Really, I swear.

I’ve just about recovered from the big wedding weekend a week ago. Clearwater Beach is damned hot this time of year and three days of drinking in the heat while watching my long-divorced parents be super friendly to each other made things just a bit surreal. The wedding itself was great, it went off as planned without a hitch. Well, none that I was aware of anyway.

My ankle was still pretty sore and walking around on it was tiring but I managed. It still twinges from time to time but is much better now.

The step-mother was a bit freaky with my mom around, and she got especially pissed when my dad made the mistake of telling her that my mom was really good at something she was trying to do. She also attempted to befriend my mom by trying to elicit sympathy for some negative drama. Mom wasn’t having any though.

When I arrived home, I discovered both that Mel had done the weekly shopping earlier in the day and that the refrigerator was broken. Oh, joy. Whirlpool couldn’t send anyone to repair the six year old fridge with the expired five year warranty until Friday. We didn’t lose much; most of it went to the freezer in the basement and we lived out of a cooler all week. So now, $185 later, I have a working fridge again.

Work has been kicking my ass. I’ve just started a major project that will probably take about three months. One upper level position in the school has had a revolving door on it for a while. Now all hopes are being pinned on the new incumbent who was already in another executive position and is now doing double duty. That puts another set of eyes on my projects and has added some folks to the project team who I didn’t choose. Arrghh.

I’ve been working my way through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for the last two weeks and am a little more than halfway. Also, in the week before my trip to Florida, Mel brought home the first two Terminator movies (which I had never seen) and we now have plans to see the third one next weekend. Since we couldn’t get there this weekend, we watched some other movies instead.

In the last three days, Mel and I have seen Phone Booth, The Life of David Gale and Frida. Phone Booth was pretty tense, Colin Farrell as Stu Shepard got quite the mind fuck. David Gale was pretty good; it was quite the twist on capital punishment and Kate Winslet is yummy. Frida was pretty good too; an awesome soundtrack, great imagery and a few very brief but sexy lesbian sex scenes did it for me. Hey, I’m no critic… just give me the eye candy. šŸ˜‰

I’m off to Media Play now. I’ve been instructed by the wife to go pre-order The Two Towers between 6 and 9 p.m. so she can get triple bonus points in the rewards club they have.


  1. Glad the wedding went off without a hitch, and glad that the ankle appears to be healing well… I’m most glad, though, that you posted and that this is not an abandoned blog. šŸ™‚

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