Iā€™m a klutz!

As usual, I wasn’t looking where I was going – trying to talk to my neighbor behind me over my shoulder while moving forward – and fell off the edge of the sidewalk into a hole. This is the second-worst time I’ve ever twisted my ankle, the first being so bad the doctors said I’d have been better off to break it.

After about six hours and 1200mg of ibuprofen, it was off to the emergency room just to make sure. In just over an hour I was triaged, registered, examined (twice), x-rayed and turfed with instructions about how to care for a sprain. No drugs (boo!), no crutches, no air-cast. I was actually surprised. That was record time too, I never expected to be in and out of there so fast. I guess Sunday nights are a good time to go to the emergency room.

A Loritab from my personal nurse-y (Mel) put me in la-la-land. I woke up today with the ankle twice as swollen and a bit more bruised looking than yesterday. I’d worn an ace bandage to bed but it didn’t contain the monstrous growth that is now my ankle. Since it was my right ankle, I opted not to drive and gave work a miss today. I’m hobbling (when I have to move) but it’s not easy.

Arrrgghh. I have so much to do this week. My brother is getting married this weekend and I am leaving for Florida on Friday. This is gonna slow me down big time.

Time to go get an ice pack.


  1. Absolutely, positively no pumps. It won’t happen, and it wouldn’t have happened. I am tall, clumsy and all about flats. Besides, this is a beach wedding, I may be barefoot!

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