The Great Summer Outdoors with Dogs

In anticipation of spending copious amounts of time outdoors lounging on yard furniture with untethered dogs playing in the vicinity, I have stolen from work located a 50 foot network cable so that I can move my wireless access point to the front of the house. Thus I will have an Internet connection in my front yard. My fabulous service provider recently doubled the speed of said connection and dropped the price by five dollars a month. It was both a shocking and welcome move and I now hold this company in much higher esteem than I ever thought I would.

The old laptop has already been dusted off and is ready for duty. I have great plans for outdoor blog development and blogging this summer.

Karen Zipdrive, you owe me a phone call.


  1. Well, you did at the time I posted this. However, after our IM conversation yesterday (which was after I posted this), you don’t.

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