I am still here…

Mel had a death in her family so we’ve been dealing with that. Last week was rough for her.

The weekend before last I bought lawn furniture for Mel for her birthday (which is this coming Friday). The Martha Stewart Cumberland Collection from Kmart. A lovely redwood-type picnic table with matching benches, captain’s chairs and a lighted market umbrella. She’s only been asking for lawn furniture since we moved here four years ago and is delighted we finally got some. Since installing it we have taken every opportunity to languish outdoors with a cup of coffee.

It was supposed to rain all weekend but it didn’t. The weather was gorgeous. The front flower bed got weeded and mulched. Annuals and some additional perennials were purchased and planted. A lovely basket of trailing petunias was assembled and hung by the front door. Between the new fence, lawn furniture and flowers, the yard is shaping up beautifully. I feel like we’re ahead of the curve for the outdoor work. Of course, we blew off spring cleaning in the process. Oh well, we’ll get there.

The closet project was stalled part way through; I’m not even sure I got half way. I’ve made it through two closets and, so far, have three large garbage bags of clothes to get rid of and almost half a closet width of stuff I’ll try to sell. Since I spent the weekend in the front yard, I’ll get back to it tomorrow and hope to finish by the end of the week.

Lastly, I have to say the BBC screen adaptation of Sarah Waters’ Tipping the Velvet was wonderful. Almost completely faithful to the book and very enjoyable. It was a good distraction this weekend from the anticipation of the season finale of Six Feet Under which won’t be aired until next Sunday.

I hope you all had a nice Memorial Day.


  1. Yes, I taped it. However, there is something wrong with the digital cable and the picture is somewhat snowy so the tape quality is no better than having taped off of broadcast TV received via regular antenna.<br><br>I am pissed about this… what’s the point of having digital cable if it looks like shit? It’s been f*cked since Friday. So, I will need to call the cable company, get it fixed and then hope BBCA re-airs the program so I can tape it again. grrrrrr.

  2. I watched Tipping, too. I thought it was fun and well made! Is it worth going back and reading the book?

  3. i live in western australia, and saw a ‘coming soon’ ad for Tipping the Velvet on saturday! i’m really looking forward to watching it. don’t know exactly when it will be shown though. maybe i’ll try to get hold of the book and have a read while waiting for it to get on tv.

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