I’m on the phone with a potential client, discussing the details of a small freelance project. He has a whole list of questions that I’m answering one by one. Mel is puttering around in the background and then she hands me a note which reads:

You’re so smart! When you talk like this I get all wet!

I nearly choked.


  1. SWEET!<br><br>My girlfriend is all techy and stuff, too; fortunately, I understand about 95% of what she talks about most of the time… but I get wood nonetheless; it’s so HARD to find a woman with tech skills! You are one of a RARE BREED!!! Mel’s lucky to have ya!

  2. Sound of one jaw dropping. THUD!<br><br>Sound of one larynx emitting loud, abrupt vocalizations. HA HA HA HA! <br><br>

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