Happy New Year

I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year’s eve. We’re going to a party hosted by the new president of that avian related club we belong to. She’s the party animal nurse I wrote about last summer. She lives in the sticks, about an hour away, so of course I won’t be drinking much because I’ll be driving. So, I’ll be observing tonight’s nutty behavior rather than participating. Still, it should be a good time.

We accepted the invitation to this party just hours before I heard from my friend who had the all-dyke party last New Year’s eve. Oh well. If we’d gone to that party, which is less than five miles away, we’d probably drink a whole lot more… not a good thing anyway.

My vacation time has been incredibly lazy. About all I’ve done is shop, eat and play The Sims Online. Mel and I both, but especially me, are addicted hardcore to this damned online game. We about as obsessed with this as we were with Diablo2 when it first came out.

Yesterday, I barged my way into the house of one of my neighbors down the street. Mel had met one of them over the summer just after they’d moved to the neighborhood. They have the only other minpin in the neighborhood we know of. Since I’d never run into them, I wanted to meet this guy and his dog. I rang the bell and asked “Does Megan live here?” I explained who I was and that I wanted to meet his dog sometime. He invited me in right then to meet her and the second minpin they’d recently adopted. What cuties Megan and her four month old brother Charlie are!

Thilde had a blast playing with them while I chatted with their human Jay. He’s a nice kid, probably in his early to mid-twenties. He remembered meeting Mel over the summer. After a while, he referred to his partner Dave, who wasn’t home at the time, as the purchaser of both the house and the minpins. Hmmm… now I’m clued in that he’s gay too. No surprise. Being nosy, I scanned the place while we talked and the dogs played. Given the decor and the way Jay talked, I figured that Dave was much older than him.

A few minutes later, Dave came home. To my surprise, he turned out to be the same age as Jay, maybe only a little older. Interestingly, the dynamic in the house immediately changed the moment Dave walked in. He gave both me and Jay a shocked but stern look (if that makes sense). Jay instantly became nervous and reminded Dave that he’d told him that he’d previously met Mel, the woman with the minpin, and then introduced me and Thilde. After a few minutes, Dave warmed up. I can certainly understand his surprise but the atmosphere was almost scary for a few minutes. Still, I got the impression I’d caused Jay some trouble because he’d invited me in. I sure hope not.

After chatting with them both for a few minutes more, and inviting them to bring their dogs down to visit Thilde, I left. Jay had given me their phone number so I’ll call and ask them to bring their dogs down for Thilde’s birthday party day after tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.


  1. I wanna go to an all dyke new year’s party! I can be butch.<br><br>Happy New Year! I hope 2003 starts off great for you.

  2. Happy New Year! I trust that the all-women’s party got along well without wKen.<br><br>I hope the one you attended was fun and festive and such.

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