Yeah, What She Said

About what I said about life getting in the way of blogging and whether or not to quit, Nancy commented:

“I have little blog crises of faith from time to time. I’ll let it lie around untended and then I get excited about it again. A blog is only as useful as it is to *you*, but I can tell you that following the little details of your life is meaningful to other people.”

When I first read that, the “… I can tell you that following the little details of your life is meaningful to other people” part, I thought, ‘Why?’ I mean, do people really care about the details of my life? Is it meaningful to them? Then I thought… Do I care about the details of other folks lives? I thought some more and realized, yeah, I do…

I got excited for Nancy and The Blonde when they moved to Pittsburgh and found a darling house to live in with their menagerie.

I think it’s hilarious that Chari’s cat does a feather dance in the middle of her bed.

I’m delighted that Karen got a little romance on her much needed vacation. (She was gettin’ cranky.)

I’m happy Tracy is enjoying the fall air of Ohio and that it seems her life is much improved since moving there.

I shed tears when I read the beautiful eulogy Sal wrote for her father. He died last weekend and I am sad for her.

wKen exhausts me. He’s prolific and hard to keep up with but you can bet I’m checking his “Orgasmachron™.” It’s true, I actually care that he gets laid!

I think it is a smart move that Elaine is pre-empting any potential issues with the intellectual property of her work.

I could go on but I’d be here all day. Even if I stopped writing I’d still read all the links in my sidebar whenever I could. Though I suppose I might feel like a voyeur then.


  1. i often suspect it’s a sign i need to get out more, that i care so *much* about my online blog friends and even acquaintences. however, this works for me.

  2. Yup. I don’t entirely understand it either, but I care about all of you, too, and am crushed when others stop blogging. Don’t even think about it, please.

  3. thank you. my cat, duncan cares, too. Ok, he doesn’t but it sounded good.<br><br>it just seems like so many people have chosen to stop in the last month… at least three that I read (used to) daily. Bye-bye Suzy, Mary and Ilsa (OgGogBeGog)…<br><br>I don’t think I could handle another retirement. I’m sensitive, you know.

  4. Thanks for the mention. I’d been having a little "to-blog-or-not-to-blog" question myself. I guess people do care. Some people, sometimes. That’s nice to hear.

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