Under a Musical Rock

Last night I realized how much I’d missed having a working radio in my car. We were driving out to a haunted house attraction to meet my mom and listening to the radio. This song starts playing and after a few seconds, I recognized the singer’s voice. Only, it wasn’t a song I’d heard before. Turns out that my favorite band put out a new record over the summer and I didn’t even know it. They played in my area late this summer and I’d have gone to see them in concert (for the fifth time) had I not gone to Europe.

‘It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken’
When the colour of the night
and all the smoke for one life
gives way to shakey movements,
improvisational skills,
a forest of whispering speakers
let’s swear that we will
get with the times,
in a current heath to stay
let’s get friendship right
get life day-to-day
in the forget-yer-skates dream
full of countervailing woes
in diverse-as-ever scenes
proceeding on a need-to-know
in a face so full of meaning
as to almost make it glow

O’ for a good life, we just might have to weaken
and find somewhere to go
go somewhere we’re needed
find somewhere to grow
grow somewhere we’re needed.

Give it a listen, the full-length mp3 can be found on the home page of their website. In my opinion, The Tragically Hip, a Canadian band, is the best rock band to come along in the last 20 years. This will be the first CD I buy for my new truck.

The truck, by the way, is awesome. The dealer tells me I’m the first in the area to get a 2003 model. Not that I care, I was originally looking for a 2002. It’s a Santa Fe GLS model 6-cyl 4WD with some extras (6 CD player, sunroof, ABS, tow hitch, woodgrain dash trim, roof cross rails). They call the color pine green but it’s really more of a teal blue. Everyone that’s seen it thinks it’s nice looking. Great ride, and handles very much like the car I was previously driving (a 6-cyl Olds Cutlass coupe). The warranties are kick-ass, too.

I’m still busy but not as pressed so that’s good. Blowing off work tomorrow to go for a fall foliage day trip in the new truck. Yippee!


  1. Nice song…..i’ll remember to play that when it all gets too much for me and i’m forced to kill myself!!!<br>

  2. woo-hoo! I don’t have the sunroof, though — don’t need it here. 🙂 I’m glad you love it, too. send some leaves.

  3. I love my Santa Fe, and know that you’ll love yours, too! I, too, don’t have the sunroof, but have everything else on mine that you do! It’s funny you mention that it rides like your old Olds; my dad said the same thing the first time he rode in it. He said it rode like all the Oldsmobiles he’s owned.

  4. a bit off topic, but i couldn’t find an email for you GB. i’ve got my discs. send me an email with what city are you in and where, if the offer is still open. 🙂

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