A note to Grey Bird from Thilde the puppy

Deer momie,
Eeeee! eeeee! eeeee! eeee! wear are you?
Other momie is bad. Hardly no treets and she is more nicer to that old white bich dog. Eeeeeee! eeee! eeee!
Okay then I am goin to pee everwere. Your mockasons? Pee. Your books? Pee. White dogs bed? Doodoo. Your computer? Cant reech it to pee but I will chew the cords.
also I am barking at stupid bird. alot.
You bedder git home momie, Thilde is unhapy. 🙁


  1. Do you think we fear the idle threats of a DOG in this household? You come on over and I will personally see to it that your owner doesn’t need to take you down to the vet to be fixed. EmperorNorton has a very soft belly and he gives good scratch. You’re just jealous!

  2. Eeeee eeee eeeee is the sound Thilde makes in the background when you’re on the phone with Gray Bird. Seriously.

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