There’s been no power for almost 48 hours. When I checked my house at noon today it was a balmy 49 degrees… indoors. The wife and I bailed yesterday afternoon when it got to be 60 degrees, we had to get the bird out of the house before it got too much colder. We went to my dad’s place as we were having a birthday celebration for my brother anyway. Today we decided not to repeat a night on that couch, so now we’re staying at my brother’s house which has power. My friend, my tenant who lives at my old house, also has no power so she’s joined us here. Fortunately, my brother is in Florida for the winter so we aren’t crowding him out. We had some fun trying to figure out how to light the pilot on his hot water tank so that we could bathe for the first time in a few days. Yay, hot water.

At this point, the power company is saying that service won’t be restored until Sunday evening at the earliest and maybe as late as mid-week! There are something like 70,000 households across the state without power, 25,000 of them are here in the city. Right now I am worried about the pipes in both of my houses freezing. The temperature is supposed to be in the mid to high teens tonight and if the power isn’t on tomorrow I may be in real trouble after that. I’m thinking about going to both places and shutting off the water, then draining the pipes. That, or I’ll put all the faucets on slow drip to keep the water moving.

This ice storm was much worse than the snow storm we had a month ago. More later, photos too.


  1. I would roll up and die in weather conditions like that.<br>I don’t know how y’all stand it.<br>Be careful!

  2. Explain to us all again the reasons you live in Buffalo? <br><br>I hope all is will with the pipes and the power and that y’all thaw out soon!

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