My dad called today to tell me about a letter he’d gotten. It was from EZPass, the toll system for the NYS Thruway. The letter said that they were revoking his EZPass for 2 months because of a recorded violation.

“Really? No kidding… what was it?” I’m thinking my 17 year old brother had taken the car again.

“Apparently, someone went through the toll barrier at 35 mph on January 8th at 10:15am,” dad says. Then he reminds me that he was still in Florida then and I had his car while he was gone.

“Well, I went to work that day before coming to pick you up, so I would have gone through the toll plaza around that time” I said, “but I don’t remember going that fast, dad. Really, I wouldn’t do that.”

As I’m saying it, I’m remembering that I did go pretty fast through the toll barrier once recently, maybe it was while driving dad’s car, but I remember looking at the speedometer and thinking “oops, 20 mph was a little on the fast side.” There’s no way I was traveling at 35mph!

Of course, I apologized and offered to pay his tolls for the next two months. He told me not to worry about it. My dad’s not the kind of guy to get upset over this sort of thing. I think he thought it was amusing that he busted me, his 37 year old daughter. If he weren’t inconvenienced by it, I’m sure he’d think it was quite funny.


  1. Toll booths continue to amaze me.<br>You Yankees are getting screwed. Mafia, I tell ya, it’s all Mafia. We scoff at toll booths and the Mafia in Texas.

  2. There is a toll road in Houston. I don’t notice too many people scoffing at it. Texans, or Houstonians at least, are apparently willing to pay several dollars a day to be able to travel at 80 mph inside the city.

  3. As for Texas tollbooths vs. those other states, I was amazed to find that on the Mass. Turnpike, there are actually several exits you’re allowed to drive WITHOUT paying! Like that would EVER happen on one of Dallas’ mini-extortion-tollways.

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