Snowed In and Catching Up

Well, after a few hints that I should get off my ass and catch up on blogging, I am probably setting the blogging record today. See the neat, reverse ordered, chronological posts below? Scroll down and start with the oldest one you haven’t read. Some even have photos!

I woke up today and it was… snowing! No shit. I could barely see out the front window. The total accumulation is now 72 inches in some places. Yes, that’s six feet. At my house the snow is waist high. The dog can’t pee in the yard and looks up at me quizzically when I tell her it’s okay to go on the sidewalk in that small space I just cleared. If I open the garage door an avalanche of snow falls in. You don’t leave a snow shovel unattended outside here. It will get stolen, and it doesn’t matter where you live. Really! Usually it’s kids, sometimes adults, and they’re knocking on doors looking to make a buck shoveling for you.

I’m sure you’ve heard, Buffalo is in a state of emergency. The National Guard has been invited deployed to assist us in figuring out where to put all the snow. There is a driving ban. That means don’t go out and get stuck. Fool, stay home. Don’t be a pain in the ass to those government workers who are trying to dig everybody else out. The driving ban doesn’t apply to “essential personnel” – law enforcement, city services workers (snow plow operators!), private snow removal contractors, TV and radio station workers, health care workers…

Of course, my girlfriend had to go to work. She was so stir crazy, having been in the house since Monday night, she was ready to go to work. Fortunately, she got a ride to work and didn’t have to dig her truck out. The administrator of the shithole goat farm nursing home she works in went around and picked up a bunch of the 2nd shifters in his 4 wheel drive SUV. Nice, huh? Except that he never sticks around long enough to get these people home after their shift. That’s if they’re not mandated to stay. Anyway, she called a while ago and said she hasn’t yet been told she’s staying and that she already arranged a ride home. After tonight she’s off until Monday and I’m still off until Wednesday. Woohoo! No plans for New Year’s Eve yet.

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  1. Excellent posts and pictures. Well worth waiting for! Hope the snow melts soon so you can at least get out to see LOTR

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