Christmas Eve

Presents are almost wrapped, just two left. I slept late then spent the morning with coffee, Christmas music, wrapping paper and the smell of baked goods. My superwoman girlfriend made oatmeal-white chocolate chip-craisin cookies, rice krispies treats, chocolate cherry cheesecake (that’s for tomorrow) and stained glass window cookies.

The stained glass window cookies didn’t turn out as planned. Using waxed paper, you’re supposed to roll-up a mix of melted chocolate, colored marshmallows, nuts and coconut into a log. Once it’s refrigerated you cut it into slices. These cross-section pieces are supposed to look like stained glass – yeah, it’s a stretch. Anyway, the slicing part didn’t work very well. My guess is that there are too many marshmallows in it or not enough chocolate to bind them all together. Probably it wasn’t in the fridge long enough either. Oh well, it’s still very edible!

Superwoman had to go to work today at 3pm. She left weak-kneed and grinning after I pushed her reset button. She gets double-time pay today and doesn’t mind that she can’t go with me to my dad’s house because she doesn’t really celebrate Christmas and is not into the whole gift exchange thing. So, I’m off soon with the dog to my dad’s for dinner. Normally, I would go over on Christmas day but tomorrow morning I’ll be taking my dad, step-mom and brother to the airport. They’re going to Florida to rent a sailboat and sail the Keys for 10 days or so. I’m hoping there won’t be any problems with their flight.

It’s been snowing heavily on and off since yesterday. Everyone who was dreaming of a white christmas can breathe a sigh of relief now. Actually, there’s supposed to be a big storm coming later this evening. My girlfriend is very excited – she loves “weather.” All I can say is that she better not get stuck at work. We’re supposed to cook a nice dinner tomorrow and one of my single friends who has no family in the area (or in the US for that matter) is coming over for the day. We’ll play games, watch movies, eat non-stop and drink. A lot. We’re going to have Martha Stewart’s White Russian eggnog, assorted beer, hard cider, fabulous wine (with dinner) and my friend bought a bottle of really nice (real) French champagne. If that’s not enough, there’s always rum and tequila in the cupboard. Hah.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day planned. Hope ya’all have wonderful holidays and that continues into 2002

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