Christmas Eve – part II

Turned out to be 24″ of snow on Christmas eve. I had trouble getting home from my dad’s house, it took over an hour to dig out enough to get into some tracks that someone else had made in order to get to the main road. At least my girlfriend made it home from work okay and wasn’t “mandated” to stay over. Apparently, that can happen if you are in health care. When I pulled up outside the house at about midnight she hopped in the car and we went for some 2 cycle motor oil and gasoline for the snow blower. No, we sure weren’t prepared. The first place we went to was sold out of the oil. Fortunately, we found some at the place across the street. Woohoo! Then, measure the right gas/oil mix – 40:1. Blow out the driveway to get the damned car into the garage. Exhausting.