Arrrggh! Spammed My Own Blog

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In my quest to find a good way to post photos to my blog without linking from a third party service (like Flickr), I managed to spam myself… 99 times over the last two days! Ideally, I’d like to be able to email posts and photos to my blog via my phone. Here’s what I’ve […]

How to Find Me, part III

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More search phrases: six+feet+under+song+wait ezpass how+to+get+my+girlfriend+to+have+a+threesome+with+her+ex+boyfriend bird+talks Six+Feet+Under+and+HBO+and+DVD car+stuck+snow+reverse+her artificial+sperm The first one refers to the song that played at the end of the first episode while Nate stood and watched the world go by after ‘seeing’ his father on the bus. I too had to find out about that song… it was Waiting by […]